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100 Mistakes That Changed History: Backfires An... [UPD]

100 Mistakes that Changed History: Backfires and Blunders ThatCollapsed Empires, Crashed Economies, and Altered the Course of OurWorldBOOK DETAILFile Size: 1622 KB Print Length: 398 pages Publisher: Berkley (October 5, 2010) Publication Date: October 5, 2010 Sold by: Penguin Group(USA) LLC Language: English ASIN: B0042JSOSA Text-to-Speech: EnabledBook DescriptionCollected in one volume, here are backfires and blunders that collapsed empires, crashed economies, and altered the course of the world.From the Maginot Line to the Cuban Missile Crisis, history is filled with bad moves and not-so-bright ideas that snowballed into disastersand unintended consequences. This engrossing book looks at one hundred such tipping points. Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. The Caliphs ofBaghdad spend themselves into bankruptcy. The Aztecs greet the Conquistadors with open arms. Mexico invites the Americans to Texas-andthe Americans never leave. And the rest is history...

100 Mistakes that Changed History: Backfires an...




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