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Know your Project's Critical Path through Analytics.

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Are you certain you know the project's critical path? 75% of project teams do not know the critical path and are consequently delayed.  Grade your project schedule quality (A-F) instantly.  Our schedule quality report, using the only true CPM Schedule Analytics software (contact me if you have better) powered by SmartPM. It is based on the DCMA 14 point industry standard developed by the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA). The report further breaks down each point into Red, Yellow, Green allowing you to pinpoint the root cause of any quality issues identified.


Benefit - we help you focus on the critical path activities that drive project completion.  Proactively focus only on the projects and the trades that need your attention.  Eliminate wasting precious time firefighting activities and subcontractors that don't affect your critical path. By providing you with real-time analytics monitoring of your project schedules, with oversight from our human subject matter experts, you win. Should we identify risk issues on the project, we will have a discussion on a corrective course of action one-on-one with your project team. In the event of future Change Orders, Back Charges, Disputes or Delay Claims, we will organize all relevant information in a blockchain that is time stamped, immutable, searchable and secure.


Retrospective or Forward-looking, ClaimLedger can run a Delay Claim analysis for you in days-not weeks or months via the traditional methods available today. Our analysis will identify:

  • What are the issues?

  • Who is responsible?

  • Why did this issue occur? 

This analysis is a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional delay claim consultant. It allows you to decide whether to proceed with a formal Delay Claim or move on.


Our 2-day intensive boot camp-style CPM Schedule Training course is designed to teach participants everything they need to know about CPM scheduling, most importantly the WHY behind best-in-class scheduling. Most training wrongly focuses on software training. We focus on what are the few most important key features of scheduling software you must utilize and ignore all the other bells and whistles that waste your time and muddy up the schedule. Graduates of our training teach you how to successfully utilize current industry software programs to be best-in-class schedulers. Follow-on training with individual project teams ensures the training sticks, schedule quality is improved and maintained, and delays are proactively addressed and claims eliminated.

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