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Dan Wilkerson

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I know nothing about computers as you can tell. I bought a new HP Compaq Presario. My old PC is a very old Gatway running ME.I have years of Geneolagy files on a GEDCOM program. I tried to run backup disks thinking I could restore the info. Then I downloaded the Gedcom. program to the new PC. When I tried to restore the info all I had were read only disks!!! Can I slave my old hard drive to my new system to recover my program? And once you slave a hard drive do you leave it that way after you have recovered the files you want to save ? Can you run from two hard drives.? HELP

Slave Master: The Game Torrent Download [hacked]

I own an HP laptop which has recently been infected witha nasty virus. I own ESET NOD32 antivrus software, but the virus managed to get past it. Their support team told me to download a bunch of antivirus/spyware and malware software to help rid the virus, but the virus is disabling those programs. The only other option they told me was to slave my hard drive to another computer and run those same programs.

hey, my laptop broke and i was hoping to use an ide adapter to put it in my computer.. would i need to mount it inside it.. and also if i use it as a slave.. could i play games off it that are already installed or would they have to be on the master?thanks very much ?

I accidently deleted the partition on my slave drive, I have downloaded the partition repair utility, but cannot find the infirmation it asks for as thers is none of this information on the case. The hard drive is a Maxtor diamondmax plus 9 model with 80gb drive space ata/133 // Lba 1600 8652a . Is it possible that you may have this information, or know a man who has?

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