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Kahani Nadaan Umra Ki: How A Poor Mechanic And A Rich Girl Fight For Their Love

Kahani Nadaan Umra Ki 3gp Hindi Movie: A Review


Kahani Nadaan Umra Ki is a 2000 Hindi movie directed by S.G.S.Devar and produced by Baldev. The movie stars Kari Kalan, Ponam Balan, Surya Kant, Vichitra, Keertna and Savita in lead roles. The movie has a musical score by Mani Vannan. The movie is a mature drama that explores the lives of young and naive people who fall prey to lust and deception.

Kahani Nadaan Umra Ki 3gp Hindi Movie

Plot Summary

The movie revolves around four main characters: Raju (Surya Kant), Rani (Ponam Balan), Shyam (Kari Kalan) and Geeta (Keertna). Raju is a poor but honest mechanic who loves Rani, a rich but spoiled girl. Rani's father does not approve of their relationship and tries to separate them. Shyam is a wealthy but cunning businessman who lusts after Geeta, a simple but beautiful girl. Geeta's brother works for Shyam and trusts him blindly. Shyam manipulates Geeta's brother and convinces him to marry Geeta to him.

The movie shows how Raju and Rani face various obstacles and challenges to stay together, while Shyam and Geeta suffer from betrayal and abuse in their marriage. The movie also depicts how Raju and Geeta become friends and support each other in their difficult times. The movie ends with a twist that reveals the true nature of Shyam and his evil plans.

Cast and Crew

The movie has a talented cast of actors who deliver convincing performances. The main cast of the movie are:

  • Kari Kalan as Shyam: He plays the role of a ruthless and greedy villain who exploits Geeta and her brother for his own benefit. He is also involved in illegal activities and has a dark past.

  • Ponam Balan as Rani: She plays the role of a rich but naive girl who loves Raju despite their social differences. She is loyal to Raju and stands by him in his troubles.

  • Surya Kant as Raju: He plays the role of a poor but honest mechanic who loves Rani sincerely. He is hardworking and brave, and does not give up on his love.

  • Vichitra as Rani's father: He plays the role of a strict and arrogant father who opposes Raju and Rani's relationship. He is also involved in some shady dealings with Shyam.

  • Keertna as Geeta: She plays the role of a simple but beautiful girl who marries Shyam under pressure from her brother. She is innocent and kind-hearted, but suffers from Shyam's cruelty and violence.

  • Savita as Savita: She plays the role of a seductive and cunning woman who works for Shyam. She helps him in his evil schemes and tries to lure Raju away from Rani.

The movie is directed by S.G.S.Devar, who has also directed other movies like Dil Ka Rishta (1992) and Pyaar Ka Saaya (1991). The movie is produced by Baldev, who has also produced movies like Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (1995) and Kuch K b70169992d


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