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A Conjuring Of Light A Novel Shades Of Magic [HOT] Download

Schwab's novel is split into 15 parts, with seven to ten chapters in each. The entirety of the novel takes place over a few days. Lila, a thief-turned-magician from Grey London, is the initial lens into the novel. There are four main protagonists in A Conjuring of Light: Lila as previously mentioned, the crown prince of Red London Rhy, his adopted brother Kell, and the pirate Alucard. The main villain is the shadow king Osaron, with the White London magician Holland playing both the role of villain and hero. The main characters are all in their early-to-mid-twenties. The novel is told from multiple third-person perspectives, ranging from the main characters to smaller players who only get a few chapters, such as nine-year-old Nasi. The driving force of the novel is the four protagonists quest to defeat Osaron, who tries to take over Red London.

A Conjuring Of Light A Novel Shades Of Magic Download

Schwab starts her novel from the perspective of Lila, with the action picking up right where the prequel A Gathering of Shadows left off. The beginning of the novel moves settings frequently between White London and Red London. Osaron tortures Kell and possesses Holland in White London while Lila works on a way to rescue Kell. Kell, desperate to save his dying adopted brother Rhy, tries to break out. However, he is too late and Rhy dies in the arms of his boyfriend Alucard in Red London. Lila arrives in White London using her Antari magic and frees Kell after killing one of Osaron's subjects, Ojka. The two travel back to Red London where Rhy comes back from death due to his magical bond with Kell. So long as Kell is alive, Rhy cannot truly die.


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