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Download Beat The Sicilian Practical Repertoire Pgn VERIFIED

Former US Open Champion Timothy Taylor presents a repertoire for White against the most popular opening in chess - the Sicilian Defence. Taylor's repertoire is based first and foremost on the Open Sicilian, which is regarded as White's most ambitious and challenging response to the Sicilian. He focuses on the classical Be2 lines, which were popularized by the success of former World Champion and chess legend Anatoly Karpov. These lines are easy to learn and generally lead to solid positional play, but with a drop of poison. Taylor covers what to do against all the Sicilian variations. He examines the most important games, studies in depth the main plans and tactics for both sides, and highlights the key practical issues. Read this book and you will be ready to slay the Sicilian!

Download Beat the Sicilian Practical Repertoire pgn

In an almost 4-hour discussion with GM Grigor Grigorov, Ivanchuk shares his understanding of this highly ambitious approach against the Caro-Kann. The idea of Ivanchuk is not to provide a full repertoire that is based on engine analysis. In his fantastic overview, he presents the historical developments as well as the must-know positional and tactical ideas in the Fantasy Variation. Besides, against all the important lines, Ivanchuk provides more than one good option. Many of his ideas are practically unexplored.While watching this video course, you will discover the endless amount of possibilities that a chess genius would consider when working on his opening. The deep insights combined with the human touch of Ivanchuk will make you fill the spirit of the Fantasy Variation.

This video series builds a complete repertoire against the Scandinavian Defence.GM Cheparinov gives a very objective and practical understanding of this opening. The course is about 7 hours long. He provides all the knowledge you need to play against this opening. The course will be also useful for players who play the Scandinavian with Black

The so-called Advance Variation is White's most ambitious way to meet the Caro-Kann. The e5-pawn gives White a long-term space advantage and makes it difficult for Black to develop his kingside pieces. There are many possible setups and transpositions. Some of the lines are not concrete and you just need to know the typical plans and ideas. On the other hand, there are lines in which Black is trying to achieve immediate equality. In such lines, the play is getting pretty forced and concrete knowledge is required. GM Efimenko tried to make the repertoire as practical as possible. That is the reason why he provides you with a number of rare and almost unexplored lines and concepts.

In this database, IM Robert Ris builds a complete repertoire for Black based on the Sicilian Four Knights. The starting position of this variation arises after 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 e6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 Nc6In this line, Black immediately puts pressure on the central squares e4 and d4. Additionally, he is planning to increase the pressure by playing ...Bb4 on the next move. This line is considered to be a very practical choice. Since Black is going for an active play at the very beginning, White's choice is limited. As a rule of thumb, by playing solid and natural moves, White does not get anything in this line.For a long period of time, the Sicilian Four Knights was considered to be slightly dubious. Nevertheless, the recent top-level and correspondence practice has proven otherwise. According to the analysis of IM Ris, currently, this variation is in a very good theoretical shape.

The Steinitz Defence Deferred is an interesting and still relatively unexplored system against the Ruy Lopez (3.Bb5). Apparently passive, yet extremely solid and quite flexible, it has survived the test of time since the late 19th century. Chess greats like Janowski, Schlechter, Capablanca, Alekhine, Keres, Smyslov, etc. The aim of this opening survey is to provide you with an easily understandable and concrete Steinitz Defence Deferred (in further text SDD) opening repertoire against the Ruy Lopez. SDD is a relatively rare occurence on the top level, but this can be a blessing in disguise for a club or a casual tournament player. Many white players dismiss such opening variations as second-rate and pay less attention to them than to Breyers and Marshalls of the world, on which they are ready to spend countless hours of analysis. If your knowledge of SDD is solid and deep, while your opponent's is superficial and coupled with "today I play against that off-beat Ruy Lopez line" approach, guess who has the upper hand?

Alex Crompton created an amazing tool to build an opening repertoire automatically, using the lichess opening book, read more about it here: -creating-a-practical-opening-repertoire-or-why-your-chess-openings-suck the idea is really genius imo.

hate all you want, but f3 is the next best thing to f4 in my book, except in the sicilian. I did terribly in the grand prix, advance, exchange (?) and even wing gambit, but took like aduck to water when the Qe2/Rd1/Rc1 formation still worked in the smith morra and was beating 90% of my opponents, losing to only ONE lower rated player with performance stats that were well over 200 points over my 1450, i think, rating. 041b061a72


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