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Gwydion looked down at him in consternation. "What haveyou done, Math?" he said in a whisper. "Have you killed aman?" Gwydion knew that though a free man could kill an opponentand even be praised for it, a slave had no right to take humanlife, not even in his own defence.

Careless Whisper Trumpet Pdf Free

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Then at last, perhaps an hour later, or even more, a newsound came floating up the hill to the tense ears of the hiddenboys; a low whispering rhythmic sound, a shuffling soundthat at last resolved itself into a definite beat, a marching beat.It was the sound that had struck fear into half the world, thesound of an approaching Roman army. Mingled with thisfrightening sound of feet came the many other sounds of amoving army; the neighing of horses, the shouts of officers,the clash of arms and armour and the thin high screaming ofthe terrible Roman trumpets.

So the chariots moved again, those that were left, and onceagain the shield-wall took them, swaying a little, breakinghere and there, but never collapsing. This time, before thechariots might withdraw again, the final stage of the dramawas enacted. The Roman commander had sized up the Celticmethod of attack, and now acted as he thought fit. There wasa long thin scream on the trumpet, and from either side ofthe cohorts came the galloping of hooves and the high wildshouting of the little Scythians, their sheepskin hats bobbingin the wind, their bows ready bent, their barbed arrowsalready flying into the whirling mass of the disorganisedchariots. Gwydion saw his father go down, and watched theRomans run forward to him, thrusting with their javelinsagain and again, as the Scythians swept round and round,shooting as the desire took them now, at all fugitives. Mathsaw the king's chariot swing round, the red banner trailingtattered behind it, and gallop fast towards the brow of thehill. A few Scythian horsemen tried to follow it, but theywere dragged from their ponies by equally savage tribesmenwho formed a rearguard after their defeated master. ThenMath heard Gwydion give a great sob and a shout, and sawthat he was running down towards the thick of the battle. Hedid the only thing a friend could do, and followed him, Belnow running free at his side, his thong-lead dragging behindhim. 350c69d7ab


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