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Dan Wilkerson

Watch Gossip Girl S01E04 [REPACK]

At the loft, Dan vents to Rufus about how much he dislikes Blair and it says a lot about Serena that she is her best friend. Rufus says that he dated a girl like Serena once and girls like her, despite their baggage, are usually worth it. At the Waldorf's, Eleanor tucks Blair into bed and tells her how beautiful she is. She tells her to sleep well and that they'll go to the shoot together. Back at the loft, Dan receives a call from Serena. She invites him to come to the photoshoot with her the next day, where he will have her full attention since she will be on the sidelines. He reminds himself to to jump in with both feet and decides to go. Back at the Waldorf's, Laurel and the photographer come over. They show Eleanor the test shots, and say that Blair gives off the wrong vibe for the line; as she looks unapproachable, controlled, and perfect. Eleanor looks them over and the photographer points out that the girl they need is Serena, who is warm, fun, and perfect for the line. Laurel reminds her that it is her choice, and Eleanor continues to look over the photos. The next morning, Blair gets out of bed and goes downstairs to find her mother about to leave. Eleanor tells her that the photographer felt they needed to go in a different direction so they hired someone else. Disappointed, Blair doesn't fight the change and Eleanor promises that they'll go out to dinner after the shoot. Once she's gone, Blair calls Serena and leaves her a message with the bad news. She suggests that they crash the shoot anyway to see who her replacement is. At the art gallery, Lily angrily arrives and confronts Rufus about selling her one of Alison's pieces. He realizes she was Bex's client and is surprised. Lily says that Alison would not want her painting in her home since she despises her, and Rufus replies that that's not true. Lily informs him that Alison told her that herself and she definitely meant it. She advises him to take the painting back since him selling it to her or even talking to her will push Alison further away. She goes to leave, telling him to call Bex to set up a refund. On her way out, Rufus asks what she thought of it and Lily answers that she thought it was extraordinary. At The Palace, Chuck goes to retrieve his valuable belongings after everyone is gone but finds his prized baseball and expensive watch are gone. He immediately texts Nate, wondering where he is. At the card game, Nate replies to the text with his location and says he'll call later. Afterwards, Carter tells him phones aren't allowed and he puts it away. He goes to leave, but Carter encourages him to stay because things are about to get interesting.

Watch gossip girl S01E04




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