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Dan Wilkerson
Dan Wilkerson

Free [UPD] Download The Reluctant Redhead

personaly i dont care if the music is free. i just want to be able get a song from URGE that is in win media play and be able to put it on my ipod/iphone. and not lose 1500$ worth of music from itunes when my hardrive crashes just because i cant really make copies. the sharing part is great for the one who is trying to download music, but it isnt fair for the artist who created it and now some p2p is raking in money from advertisement because people are downloading those artists music. They should allow sharing but not allow advertisements on thing like p2p network. so since it costs money to create or host things like p2p that would eliminate all music sharing things at least on that scale. i dont think there is a problem if people share between friends through AIM or something; it would be the same as if i gave a cd to someone.

Free Download The Reluctant Redhead



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