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Farm Mania: Hot Vacation

In Farm Mania: Hot Vacation, help Anna and her family manage the different farms around the world. Time management becomes crucial with increasing tasks. From rearing animals to showering of plants and building maintenance, every single day will be fruitful. Take part in the various farming competition and make these farms the best farm around the world today.

Farm Mania: Hot Vacation

This is Farm Mania all around the world! You travel to 3 different countries and farm a diverse assortment of fruit, vegetables and animals. Think lemons, pineapples, rice, tea, peacocks, llammas and camels! The pests are different as well - now you have to contend with lemurs, parrots, and tigers! Lots of replay value as there is a casual and arcade section. The arcade section unlocks when you master the casual section. Plenty of interesting things to buy in the shop and school. An some amazing modes of transport for your produce. You can manufacture all sorts of things, like sushi, cherry cakes, felt hats, malibu drinks and gold bowls. Grandad is more amazing than ever and you get to see him in a wetsuit! There is the opportunity to get gold stars on each level, so there is plenty of replay value if you like a challenge. My tip is don't be afraid to sell off animals to help you achieve your aims - the animals wont breed if they are too overcrowded and you wont be able to keep up with the feeding demands!

Set out on an adventure in Farm Mania: Hot Vacation! This time you're given a unique opportunity to take part in challenging farming contests held in different parts of the world. Spend the greatest vacation ever traveling around Australia, Egypt and China while looking after rare animals and taking care of exotic plants! Help Anna grow pineapples and cacao beans, breed camels and ostriches, make tequila and sushi to win the first prizes in the farming competitions! Learn new skills, buy advanced equipment and keep upgrading your farm in this challenging time management game. Dive into hours of unforgettable farming fun in Farm Mania: Hot Vacation! Download size: 84.3 MB

The Farm Mania series has always been known for a very quick pace and varying tasks, and this also applies to Farm Mania: Hot Vacation. At later points you will have four different characters working at the farm, including Anna, Bob, and her grandparents. While Anna delivers food and water to animals, tends to crops, and collects products, her grandfather prepares food, water, tends to trees and bushes, her grandmother cooks or prepares more complicated products from raw resources, and Bob cuts trees and mines gold and coal. Fortunately the controls are very intuitive and as flawless as one is used to from this series.

A very strong feature of Farm Mania: Hot Vacation is the shop system. At the ranch you can purchase new crops or animals, the shop offers enhancements for your farm and also provides buildings at which Grandma prepares more complicated products, while you are able to buy better equipment for Anna, her grandparents, and Bob at the school. It is possible to buy something new after nearly every level, which is definitely a motivating aspect.

Nevertheless Farm Mania: Hot Vacation is still a decent addition to the time management genre. While the game does not really evolve from its predecessors and the aforementioned issues slightly lower the fun factor, it still delivers an entertaining and convincing playing experience. If you are are tired of farming games yet you will very likely have a good time with Farm Mania: Hot Vacation.

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Our friends Anna, Bob, Grandma and Grandpa are coming back again! This time while being on vacation they decided to take part in the Best Farmer competition. Help them to prove everyone that they are the best! Travel all over the hot countries together with our heroes, visit Australia, Egypt and China.

Farm Mania Hot Vacation has a lot for you. Now you will take care about exotic animals such as ostrich, antelope, peacock and many others. Also you will get the opportunity to plant kiwi, pomegranate and papaya. New goals, new mini-games, lots of fun! Let your farm be the best!

The game features new goals and mini-games that provide hours of fun and challenge. You'll be able to improve your time management skills, as well as your ability to work under pressure. The colorful graphics and lively soundtrack bring the farm to life, making your experience even more enjoyable. With its easy-to-learn gameplay and engaging storyline, Farm Mania: Hot Vacation is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a fun and entertaining game. So, pack your bags and get ready for an unforgettable vacation filled with farming fun. Autoplay videos More Farm Games New Lands Assume the role of a first-time landowner with a mountain of work to do. 041b061a72


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