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Rush Hour 2 VERIFIED

The next day, Carter angrily demands an explanation from Lee who revealed about the embassy bombing and the two Americans killed. Nonetheless, Lee decides to make up to Carter, bringing him to a massage parlour where Carter is enamoured with the prospect of being massaged by beautiful Chinese ladies. Coincidentally, Tan appears in the same parlour as they are which Lee decides to call for aid while Carter attempts to take matters into his own hands. Confronting Tan, Lee is soon forced to step in when Carter makes a scene destroying Tan's laptop. Spotting Lee, Tan goes to greet but Lee requests to talk in private, yet Tan is insistent to remain as his men are all around. He leaves, and a brawl breaks out. Lee and Carter initially emerge victorious in defeating all of Tan's men until reinforcements arrive, dumping them both over the highway completely naked. They embarrassingly make their way through the streets to Yau Ma Tei Police Station where Lee is stationed with his superior, Captain Chin. Carter berates Lee who brushes off the matter, before realising he had left his passport back at the massage parlour and sets out to return there, bumping the same mysterious woman who enters the police station to deliver a package which later also turns out to be a bomb.

Rush Hour 2

On the plane, Carter tells Lee his theory of investigation; every case has a rich white man behind it, and that in their current case the man is Reign, whom Carter states is a Los Angeles hotel billionaire. Carter reveals what he saw on Tan's boat about Reign and his calm demeanour during the shooting, deciding Reign will be their focus. They set up camp outside the Reign Towers, spying on Molina who Carter met and tried to seduce on Tan's yacht. Lee takes over the observation and notices Molina undress after Reign's departure, before Carter confronts him over his strange fidgeting towards his previous supposed claim on a boring watch. They are interrupted when the strange woman whom Carter recognises as the lady that delivered the bomb back in the police station hand Molina a package. Realising Molina might be in danger, they rush to her room in an attempt to handle the package themselves, but Molina proves that it was a whole misunderstanding with the package containing dollar bills. Meeting back in her suite, Molina tells the two men that she is undercover, looking into Reign's money laundering of US $100 million dollars in super-bills (high grade counterfeit dollar bills). She believes there are some already in circulation and tasks them both on the case. 041b061a72


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