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De-decompiler Pro Free

This (completely!) free version of IDA offers a privilege opportunity to see IDA in action. This light but powerful tool can quickly analyze the binary code samples and users can save and look closer at the analysis results.

De-decompiler Pro Free

With a debugger you can step through the program assembly interactively.With a disassembler, you can view the program assembly in more detail.With a decompiler, you can turn a program back into partial source code, assuming you know what it was written in (which you can find out with free tools such as PEiD - if the program is packed, you'll have to unpack it first OR Detect-it-Easy if you can't find PEiD anywhere. DIE has a strong developer community on github currently).

If you are just trying to figure out what a malware does, it might be much easier to run it under something like the free tool Process Monitor which will report whenever it tries to access the filesystem, registry, ports, etc...

I'd say in 2019 (and even more so in 2022), Ghidra ( is worth checking out. It's open source (and free), and has phenomenal code analysis capabilities, including the ability to decompile all the way back to fairly readable C code.

Various high level expressions can be recognized which trigger recognition of structures or arrays. However, it is difficult to distinguish many of the possibilities, because of the freedom that machine code or even some high level languages such as C allow with casts and pointer arithmetic.

HxD is free of charge for private and commercial use. Selling HxD is not allowed. Distributing it as part of magazine addon CDs / DVDs / other media or putting it on download portals or private websites is allowed and welcome. For details, please see the HxD License.

The RobotStudio desktop version allows you to carry out programming and simulation without disturbing ongoing production. RobotStudio Cloud enables individuals and teams to collaborate in real-time on robot cell designs from anywhere in the world, on any device. The RobotStudio Augmented Reality Viewer enables you to visualize robots and solutions in a real environment or in a virtual room on any mobile device for free. Both the desktop and mobile application enable teams to collaborate and make faster decisions, speeding up the planning and design phase.

Here we are going to list some commonly available disassembler tools. Notice that there are professional disassemblers (which cost money for a license) and there are freeware/shareware disassemblers. Each disassembler will have different features, so it is up to you as the reader to determine which tools you prefer to use.

In this article are listed all .NET Decompilers you might want to use along with their pros and cons. To ease comparison, for each decompiler a screenshot of the decompiled method ScreenToGif App_Startup() is provided. Also the title of each section highlights main fact: free/commercial, oss or not and which decompilation language target is supported.

JustDecompile is published by Telerik. JustDecompile is to Telerik what dotPeek is to Jetbrains: a free, powerful and polished .NET Decompiler tool made by a leading tools & components corporation. These companies invested in their free decompilers to build an appealing entry-point to their commercial products. The community benefits from the free tools with the maintenance level of large corporations.

And if you have a license check (whether license key or checking with license server) developers can step through your code until they find the check and then simply remove that section of code and re-save the assembly.Now they get to use if for free.


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